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Commercial and Legal Advisory
The multiple regulatory frameworks and myriad of commercial legislation which apply directly or indirectly to businesses of all sizes in South Africa, have grown dramatically in both volume and complexity over the last ten years. In addition, the most significant and extensive reform of corporate laws since 1973, has recently been enacted - the Companies Act 71 of 2008.

Couple this with an increasingly over-burdened judiciary ( which makes it all but impossible to resolve disputes or obtain appropriate relief within commercially viable timeframes ) and it becomes absolutely essential that managers of any sized business have access to ready and entirely competent professional support.

Gateway's team have the necessary formal professional qualification to advise on almost any technical or legal aspect affecting the modern South African commercial enterprise. In addition however to the right 'textbook' answers, with the many years of practical commercial management experience the team has, Gateway can also offer extremely practical solutions and opinions.
Capital Raising and Transaction Structuring
Over the last few years, anyone who has been at the mercy of the global credit crisis or who has been exposed to the volatility in the world's financial markets, would agree that a rollercoaster might seem stable by comparison.

Capital providers and financiers have consequently become very conservative, and approval rates for conventional applications for most forms of finance or capital have halved ( or worse ). Now, more than ever, the process of raising capital demands input from highly skilled professionals in order to stand any chance of success.

Aside from the Gateway team's expertise and experience in this area, Gateway has a significant track record as both a principal capital provider, and as an introducer of business and transactions to more than 20 financial institutions and capital providers.

Gateway can therefore potentially assist enterprises in search of capital, as follows:

Principal investment of capital by Gateway ( subject always to mandates and investments assessment processes );
The referral and introduction of the capital seeker to the appropriate financial institution or capital provider;
The full spectrum of advisory and professional services related to the raising of capital ( where Gateway is not the capital provider ), including:
  Initial review and assessment of requirements and prospects of success;
  Negotiations with institutions or capital providers on behalf of, or in consultation with the capital seeker;
  Advice and proposal with regards to the structuring of commercial entities and arrangements pursuant to the capital raising transaction;
  The arranging of the necessary commercial, statutory or legal aspects of the transaction or structure - such as the compilation of contracts / agreements, registration of securities, creation of entities etc.
Corporate Recovery and Restructuring
Corporate recovery or turnaround management, can be an art in itself. The odds of success depend heavily on both the team's degree of focus or diligence, and the team's multi-disciplinary professional expertise.

Gateway is able to offer the best of both worlds as members of the team have an extensive track record of successful turnarounds ( ranging from small departments to mid sized groups of companies ), as well as the necessary professional skills.

Gateway is again able to offer a full suite of services in this regard:

Initial advice and assessment of positions and structures;
Generation of proposals, and review of plans for turnaround / restructuring;
Negotiations with stakeholders, staff, institutions or regulatory bodies as may be required, on behalf of, or in consultation with clients;
The arranging of the necessary commercial, statutory or legal aspects of the restructuring - such as the compilation of contracts / agreements, registration of securities, creation of entities etc; and
Practical involvement and management or administration of assets, departments or business processes, as may be required.
Commercial Debt Recovery and Asset Realisation
Commercial debt recovery involves the recovery of capital or moneys due, in situations or in terms of arrangements which are business related - i.e. are not personal in nature or consumer credit related. It often goes hand in hand with the realisation of assets ( such as property, shares, businesses, stock etc. ), whether by private sale, auction or acquisition in settlement.

This type of recovery is usually far more complex than consumer or personal debt recovery, and cannot be effectively accomplished by call centres or standardised processes.

It demands practical commercial input and experience, as well as technical legal proficiency; and to achieve maximum results, there almost always needs to be an intelligent overall co-ordination of multiple approaches.

Gateway manages, assists and advises in respect of all aspects of commercial debt recovery and asset realisation processes.